About Christine Burnell, CNE SRES ®

Sales Representative

I chose Real Estate as a second career. Why?  Because, I have been buying and selling Real Estate most of my adult life and it is where my true passion lives.  And, not to sound too cliché but I wanted to bring a real Quality - Care - Commitment approach to my business.  After all, this is about you and the most important purchase you can make, whether it is your first house, your next house or your last house!
Quality – Quality of service, Quality of approach, Quality of dedication

Care – Care to bring 110% of myself to each and every client, Caring not just about outcome but the process too, Care to find out of the box solutions and strategies

Commitment – Commitment to ensuring every interaction is nothing but professional, ethical and kind, and a true Commitment to strive to be the best I can be as a real estate professional

I believe that professional development is so important.  I am actively engaged in advancing my skills and ensuring I am up-to-date in all legislative and industry changes.  I am a Certified Negotiation Expert (C.N.E.) – this is a Real Estate specific designation and I am currently working towards my Master Certified Negotiation Expert (M.C.N.E.).  I go to bat for you, using my skills to get you the best price if you are buying and the best price if you are selling.

My Background:

Christine Burnell has an exceptionally impressive career history in the education sector for major universities and she has held various management positions that uniquely qualify Christine for her chosen career path in real estate. With a business acumen that lends itself entirely to the real estate industry, Christine brings a wealth of business finance, administration and operations knowledge to her business, as well as a natural enthusiasm for home design and community planning and development.

Christine’s rich professional background is steeped in negotiating skill and needs analysis – insights that will serve her clients well. Crafting an intelligent, service oriented business platform with an emphasis on exemplary conduct and accountability to her clients. With excellent communication skills and an active listening style honed from years in her leadership roles, Christine is intuitive and caring towards her clients. A proficient negotiator, Christine utilizes her extensive experience and wisdom to leverage the best possible terms and conditions for her clients. An astute student of the market, Christine makes it her mission to educate her clients on the trends and patterns of the local housing marketplace and relates it clearly to the greater market at work.

Dedicated to the achievement of her clients’ dreams and goals, Christine is tireless in her work ethic. Her open, ‘no nonsense’ approach to selling real estate is a refreshing change to her clients and fosters long term relationships based on mutual trust and admiration.